RIP - The Corner Cafe
23 Nov

I Sold My Baby To The Greeks

I go through these phases where I don’t have much to say or I’m too busy to type with one finger on an iPad. Well my fingers are rested and I have loads to say…

My first ever cafe, my baby, my first love ….is gone. I sold her to a Greek man named George, he makes baklava there now. Dammit I love baklava.

We had a good run, her and I. I got married, had a kid, got divorced, launched two brands and met everyone in Durban in those crazy 8 years that felt like 6 months. And with the exception of that one Russian lady who I threw out and that arrogant bastard who treated his wife (very attractive lady) so badly in front of everyone and had no control over his three kids and sent his coffee back to be “re done” every single time he came in, (we just kept it behind the counter and sent it back out saying sorry to which he replied “ahh this is better, why don’t they do it right the first time”) what a doos…..anyway beside those two schmucks we had the best customers and I’d like to thank you all not just for your money but also for the memories, I’ll never forget my first…. cafe.


But as that door closed another opened… Coffee Tree got a new sister up in Balito/Umhlali. Been dying to get up here for a while now, and no it’s not because of a single mom who lives near Salt.. she dumped me, it’s great on the north coast and I’ve met so many new peeps most likely because of my hair.

All my love,


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