The Coffee Tree - Glenwood

Pumping in the heart of Durban City (without the help of gluten, thank you very much!)

Know Their Names

Your Caffeine Counsellors

  • Team Glenwood

    This crack team (not like that) provide your daily fix of coffee and food, while you stare at the leafy suburb around you and think, ‘Thank God I didn’t move to Durban North’.

  • HopeOne-Man Culinary Machine

    Dammit, but this Zimbabwean can cook! Hobbies: he doesn’t have any – we have him working here 7 days a week to make sure he really doesn’t have time for anything else.

  • BillyCoffee Whisperer

    Billy’s real name is Biringanine Mukarani Bimukarani. So, Billy it is then. Hobbies: Must I tell you everything? You ask him! It’ll give you something to break the ice with.

  • ChipoHappiness Engineer

    Chipo is also from Zimbabwe. She’s a barista and bloody good at it. Hobbies: Apparently, coming to work with a new hairstyle every day (slow down on all the tips, folks).